ATAR Religion - Unit 1, Module 5 The Australian Church

One important person, event, or issue in the history of a religion in Australia and the place of religion in Australian society.

Step 1: Pose Real Questions

Step 1 is to formulate questions in relation to the inquiry focus (topic / phrase / situation). 

Use the tools and the guidelines below to help you pose your real questions.


Formulating Inquiry / Research Questions

A Research Question
  • Is open (i.e. not a ‘yes or no’ question)

  • Is objective (not personal opinion based)

  • Is neither too broad or too narrow

  • Summarises the significant topic your research will investigate

Formulating the Research Question
  1. Specify the significant person

  2. Decide what you want to know about the significant person

  3. Turn what you want to know about the significant person in to a question

  4. Ensure that the question is answerable.

  5. Check to make sure the question is not too broad or too narrow.

Questioning Rules
  1. Write as many questions down about the INQUIRY TOPIC as possible.
  2. Don't stop to discuss or try to answer any questions as your write.
  3. Write down the questions verbatim.
  4. Change all statements to questions.

Focus Questions

Focus questions unpack the intent of the research question and usually address learning or inquiry around who, what when, where, why and how. Focus questions are therefore more specific and will refine your topic eg:

Inquiry Focus = Marie Curie
Research Question = How has Marie Curie influenced modern science?
Focused Research Question = What scientific principles used by Marie Curie are common in
contemporary science labs?


What next?

Once you have formulated a question or questions that will ensure you cover the inquiry focus move onto Find Resources.

The right resources contain the information your require to answer your question(s).