Family Faith Formation

Resources for faith formation at home


Join with Mary in your prayers this week

In the early Church, especially when Australia was colonized, the regular celebration of Mass was not available to the Catholic community. In response to this challenge the unity of the family and the spiritual nourishment of each member of the family became a responsibility for everyone in the household. With the recent challenges we find ourselves in a similar situation, unable to join our Church community for regular formation and nourishment. This time also gives us another opportunity to continue our faith formation in our homes.


The resources provided on this site will be updated regularly and aim to support you and your family in their faith. They have been curated by a variety of people, including religious and lay. We would encourage everyone to explore the resources available. They are varied in there approach to allow people to find resources that may suit them. In using these resources we would also encourage you to develop a regular routine, individually and as a family, to be with Jesus and to explore your faith during these times.


Finally we would like to remind you to stay in contact with loved ones and your parish priest. Though you may not be able to see them physically they are only one call away.


Pray Resources



Daily Routine

In the busyness of life it can be easy to put aside simple practices that we know are good for us such as eating healthy and exercising regularly. We know that we need to have a routine to ensure we actively keep these important practices in our lives. Our ongoing faith formation is also another important daily practice. Many people have their own daily routine and we would encourage you to continue this routine during these times. Below is an example of a routine you may want to reflect upon as you consider your ongoing relationship with Jesus.



Try one of the apps above to develop a daily prayer and scripture routine


Explore ways you can bring Christ into the world each day


Use a Daily examen or prayer to finish your day. See the list of resources above to try something new





Join in the Holy Mass at home 10am

St Kierans



Listen to a Podcast


Watch an episode on Shalom World or ETWN 


Join in the Rosary 



Watch a short video on the Church Teachings

what does it mean to believe?



Stations of family of Jesus



Write letter’s to your extended family members



Our 24:7 SERVE Youth Group recognises the challenges for many of our young people during this time. The changes to their normal routine, social isolation and being disconnected from their Parishes. Over the last few weeks the Youth Ministers have been working hard to build a suitable Youth Group forum online so that our young people can still connect in a safe environment. After some testing and trails we are happy to invite all students in Year 6 – 12 to join the 24:7 SERVE Friday Youth Group online at 3:30pm.

The online youth group is still full of fun and a great opportunity for our young people to reconnect with each other in a safe space.

Students simple log in via the Microsoft TEAMs app and use the join code kuyr1tp