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Technology Success: NIT Interns

Mr Desmond Wong

NIT Intern Term 3/4 2018

Rajveer Kaur

Rakhi Tyagi

Kamal Dhaliwal

Ravinder Kumar

NIT and Servite College – Partnership

In 2018 Servite College has continued to provide training opportunities for ICT Graduates enrolled at the National Institute of Technology (NIT). These partnerships allows new ICT Graduates from one of Western Australia’s Universities to complete 240 hours as an intern in appropriate business organisations.

Two years working in partnership with NIT saw Servite College host ten different interns.

The most exciting part about this project is that the interns are now being shared to CEWA to work on the Leading Lights Project. One of our interns Desmond was taken on by the College on a short-term contract before his expired and he returned home to Sarawak.

The entire Servite ARC staff have had to challenge themselves to accommodate our interns meaning there is positive growth both ways.

We look forward a continued relationship in 2019.


NIT and Servite College – Partnership

Martin Enughobi

Testimonial Martin Enughoibi

Brijesh NIT Internship

Brijesh Testimonial