Fantastic Mr Fox

Map of the World


The below set of XYZ coordinates is provide to help you navigate through the world of Fantastic Mr. Fox and make sure you don’t miss anything. Using the numbers below, you can enter a slash command to teleport to each location.

To teleport, use the command “/tp X Y Z” where X Y Z is the combination of coordinates below.

You can also just copy and paste each command.

Task 1

Locate the following sites in the world.


 Teleport Coordinates

 Fox Home Tree

 /tp 532 104 812

 Farmers’ Digging Machines

 /tp 489 73 917

 Bean Farm

 /tp 542 74 176

 Bean Farm, Cellar

 /tp 544 53 127

 Bunce Farm

 /tp 296 76 360

 Boggis Farm

 /tp 837 73 440

 Underground Building Area for Animal Village

 /tp 648 9 753

Find the tunnel under the fox home that leads to the large underground free build area.

Task 2
Dig a full tunnel from the Fox home to the three farms.

Task 3
Use the underground build area to create a village for the animals to live.

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