7 Circus Company Activities


**Make sure you ALWAYS have a spotter when doing acrobatic tricks, someone to help you and make sure you do not injure yourself.


Stand up straight with your feet comfortably apart with your arms comfortably by your side. Take a step forward on to your dominant leg and tip your body forward, hold your arms out straight, move your head towards the ground. Keep your arms straight as your hands approach the ground. Think of yourself as a T, Your base leg (the dominant leg that you stepped on to) being the vertical part and your arms and other leg being the horizontal part. Keep yourself in this T position until your base leg kicks up off the ground. Straighten your legs and body toward the sky. Keep your head tucked in, as it would be if you were standing up, and your back and legs straight. Keep your legs tightly together. Keeping your legs straight and pressed firmly together will help you from wanting to fall to the side. Balance your weight on your hands. Keep your weight between your palms and your first knuckles. When you are ready to come down, split your legs and drop your dominant leg to the ground. Start to stand up and as you do put your other leg on the ground. 




As you start facing your preferred way, step on to your dominant leg and lean over to the side and place both hands on the floor, then lift your legs up and push them over above your head to create a ‘wheel’. Your feet should go through a 180 degrees position in the middle. And you tip over passed the middle, you should land by outing the opposite foot down first from the foot you took off from, for example if you stepped on to your right foot first, you will land on your left leg first. As your second leg comes towards the ground, swing your body upright so you come back to a standing position.

Bend back free standing

Ask a friend to place one hand on your lower back and one hand on your stomach. Using the same technique as your wall bend back (minus the wall!), slowly lower into a bend back with your spotter supporting you then have your spotter lift you back up. To try a full bend back without a spotter lift your pelvis and ribs and keep your arms bent and strong behind your head. Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart. As you lower down, look through your arms to spot the floor and place your hands down on the ground about shoulder-width apart. To stand up rock back and forth a couple times to introduce the movement. Push off from your hands and roll forward into your toes, then back onto your heels while keeping your head and neck relaxed. Tuck your chin against your chest. Focus your weight and power in your lower body and core. Thrust up with your chest as you rock forward into your feet. Let your hands lift from the ground and slowly push yourself up into a standing position.


Advanced Acrobatics

If you have successfully achieved all of the acrobatic tricks then have a go at some of these advanced options. You are only allowed to attempt these tricks with permission and under the guidance from your teacher.



Forward/Backward roll

The forward role (often referred to as a ‘roly-poly’) is the most common acrobatics move and often the easiest. Simply tuck your chin into your chest, place your hands by your ears then push yourself over forwards. The backward roll is much like a forward roll though usually considered more difficult. Using exactly the same concept after from pushing yourself forward, this time you pushover in the opposite direction backwards.


Forward/Backward Roll


Bend back from laying flat

Lie on your back and bend your legs up. Place your feet close together on the floor and bend your legs so that your knees are sticking straight up off the ground. Place your hands by your head. Your fingertips should be pointing toward your shoulders and your palms pushed flat against the floor with your elbows pointing up in the air. Push through your shoulders and lift your body. Straighten your arms as much as you can. Focus on keeping your core, legs and butt muscles tight. Hold the pose for a few seconds, then lower yourself down. 

Bach bend walk

Bend back against the wall

Take one to two steps away from a blank wall. Place your feet about shoulder-width apart from each other. Stretch your arms straight up above your head and tilt your head back. Reach back far enough with your neck and back so that you can look at the wall. Bend your back and place your palms against the wall. Keep your elbows straight, your head tipped back and your neck long. Press your hands against the wall. Walk down as far as you can. Continue to keep your elbows straight and breathe evenly. Walk your arms back up the wall and straighten from your hips. Take your time and lift your head slowly. 

Advanced Acrobatics