Family Faith Formation

Resources for faith formation at home

How can you bring Christ back into the world? Commit to at least one idea from each category each week 
(that means 4 activities a week). As you complete each activity record it in your journal with photos. Below are some ideas to help you get started:

Harmony with God

Come up with some of your own ideas.

Harmony with Others

Come up with some of your own ideas.

Harmony with Self

  • Make time each day to connect with your family  - Play a board game, have a warm drink together and have a chat, call your Grandparents and extended family​.
  • Start a daily journal ​.
  • Do a simple meditation. Try the minute meditation 
  • Try the daily mediation 
  • Go for a walk or a run for 30 minutes everyday.

Come up with some of your own ideas

Harmony with Creation

  • Commit to one meat free day in the week .
  • Reduce the time you spend in the shower with a timer .
  • Start a veggie garden.
  • Use a water bottle instead of disposable bottles.​
  • Turn off lights in rooms you’re not using. ​
  • Turn off devices (computer, TV, etc.) when you’re not using them. ​
  • Spend Sunday with no technology (no Phone, TV or Computer), spend time with others and outside. ​
  • Look at what single use plastic you use in a day, find ways to remove these. ​
  • Walk to places that are a short distance way instead of being driven. 

Come up with some ideas of your own.