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Parent Onboarding: iPads


Servite iPad Basics

When students arrive at Servite College each day

  1. Their iPads should have 100% charge
  2. Check their WIFI is connected when you arrive at school.
  3. Check you eMails.
  4. Open SEQTA Learn and check the notices

Get organised

  1. Group Apps in Folders
  2. Change the background [must be appropriate]
  3. Airdrop - the easiest way to share files

Connecting to Servite's WiFi

1. Click on Settings  in the home screen 

2. Select the WiFi and turn it on by moving the slider to ON / Green 

3. Select SC from the network list

4. Enter your Username and Password and your WiFi should connect. 

iPad 101

When parents and students came to Servite College to collect the student iPads, they are given a sheet of paper with the following student details: Student usernames are the first letter of your first name followed by your surname and possibly a number if someone has the same username as you. For example:

Name: John Smith

Username: jsmith4 (The 4 means you are the 4th jsmith)


If your child forgets their password please send an email to otherwise send them to the ICT Helpdesk in the ARC in the Alexis building and someone can tell the student their password.