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Parent Onboarding: SMARTRIDER - Buses, Cafe, Printing


Horizons West - Buses

Topping up SMARTRIDER for students:

Online SMARTRIDER link to Horizons West

  • Simple setup: simply set up an account and register using your first and last name, kids student ID and school.
  • Easy payment methods: add payment methods to load up your kid’s account and set recurring payments. 
  • Tracking: track usage and spend or add and remove children in real time.
  • Email notifications: if your account gets low you’ll be notified via email that it’s time to top up.
  • Easy access: linked to the bus drivers’ tablet is a scanner, your kid simply uses their Smart Rider, Mifare cards or mention their names and the ride cost will be deducted. It’s as easy as that!

Alternatively you can load money onto your SMARTRIDER by handing you SMARTRIDER and money to a bus driver when you hop on and they will load the credit for you. Otherwise at train stations you can insert your SMARTRIDER into a machine and add credit that way.

Papercut - Printing

At the start of the school year, all students are given a $2 printing allowance.

Once this has been used, all students will self manage their printing. 

Student printing charges:

Printing credit can only be checked while at school.

Adding printing credit & connecting your SMARTRIDER

Ask the ARC staff to add the required amount of credit (how much money / change you have) and they will add this amount of credit to your account through PaperCut.
(Your SMARTRIDER is not connected to your printing - they are two different systems).

You can use your SMARTRIDER to log into the printer. Do this by placing your student SMARTRIDER on the blue scanner on the printer.

Checking printing credit
  1. Open PaperCut (through this link, or through SEQTA by selecting the printing button.
  2. Sign in with your Credential (First Letter of your First Name and your Last Name). For example, the username for Joshua Clark will be jclark
  3. You can now check your credit.

Flexischools - Servite Cafe

Servite Café Cashless Card Payment Option

For the convenience of the Servite community, the College is now encouraging purchases at the Servite Café via our  Flexischools option. The Flexischools cashless card system links a student’s existing StudentID/SmartRider card to a pre-loaded account, giving students the ability to make purchases without cash.

The Flexischools system allows you to limit the daily spend per child and includes an automatic top-up option so they never go without access to funds. Students will be able to use the barcode on their Student ID/SmartRider cards to access to make purchases.

Please note that the funds you add to the SmartRider are separate to the funds you add to the Flexischools Canteen system.

The Servite Café will continue to accept cash payments but in a new world of Covid the FlexiCard is the healthy option.

Follow the instructions below to create an account and link a student Smart Rider:

Need further information please contact our ICT Support Team at