7 Significant Romans Inquiry Unit

Step 4: Report Findings

Step 4 is writing your interpreted information into the format required by the assignment:

Write a eulogy that might have been read out on the
steps of the Roman Senate on a Significant Roman.

Marking Key

How do I cite my sources


Eulogy means literally something like "good speech". We are told to speak only good of the dead, but a eulogist actually makes a speech in the dead person's honor--or often instead for someone living, who might actually be there in the audience. The most famous eulogies include Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and Pericles' funeral oration for the Athenian warriors; but these are only two of the many great eulogies, which continue to be delivered not only at funerals and memorial services but at retirement parties, anniversary parties, and birthday parties.

Oral Presentation


A script is a a written guide of what you are going to say during your presentation

Guide for script writing:

  1. Introduce the topic - state the position and start with a hook which will engage your audience and make them responsive to your talk.
  2. Explain your idea - clearly and with conviction
  3. Describe your evidence
  4. Call to action - how and why you are implementing your idea
  5. Conclusion - reveal the new reality, how the audience lives will be affected if they act on your idea.


Guide for delivery

  1. Engage - Ask the audience questions and get them to ask you questions
  2. Voice - Speak with a clear voice,  a good pace and volume
    • Use appropriate vocabulary
  3. Posture and eye contact
    • Stand up straight
    • Try to make eye contact with most of the audience
  4. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse - practise in front of the mirror, to your friends and family (once in your head is not enough)
  5. Give the Eulogy - just like you practised.
    • Imagine you are speaking to your peers in a normal conversation. 

Modified from TedTalks Speakers Guide (2017)