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Saint Anthony

History of Saint Anthony

We are pilgrims on life’s journey and like the Friars who left Italy to found Priories around the world, we are called to reach out to all and tell them about our calling as Servants of Mary.

This priory was founded around the year 1250 on the very spot where the Seven Holy Founders began their life together. This spot was originally outside the city walls and was known as Cafaggio. Down through the centuries, this priory has been enlarged and embellished. The Priory of Annunciation (Convento Santissima Annunziata) has always been the seat of the Tuscan Province, the Mother province of the Servite Order. Through the centuries, the Arts and the Sciences were encouraged and flourished under the patronage of the friars. The Annunziata was created a parish in 1787 and was created a Minor Basilica in 1805 by Pope Pius VIII. The Annunziata is the Motherhouse of the Servite Order.

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