8 Mythology

Yr 8 HASS in action

You are a medieval architect who has designed many manor houses and castles for rich and wealthy men similar to the one shown below:

You and your business partner have been asked by the King to design and build him a new castle.  He has given you a design brief – see the next page.  Discuss your response to each point with your partner giving reasons for your choice.

Work with your partner to create a plan or “blueprint” for your castle.  You may use paper or a computer programme (e.g.Tayasui Sketches School, Sketchup, Minecraft) to create your drawings. Remember to include notes, label the main areas of the castle, defensive features and building materials.

You have not built a castle for five years so I have added some key words to help you in your research:

Barbican, moat, inner/outer ward, murder holes, drawbridge, towers, concentric walls, flying buttress, trebuchet, keep, portcullis, bastion, arrow loop, garderobe .


Parts of a Castle

Medieval Castles

Edward I

Throughout his life he was committed to extending English rule into both Wales and Scotland.  He did this through his military skills but also by building some of the most impressive medieval castles in Europe.  From each castle he could control the surrounding area and crush rebellion.

Everyone Can Create Drawing

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Drawing encourages the mind to observe the world more closely, and consider how things are put together and how they work. It lets students articulate concepts that exist only in their imaginations in ways words can’t. Using Apple Pencil with apps like Tayasui Sketches School, they’ll explore balance and symmetry, and different types of lines, shapes, shading, colour and texture.