8 Mythology

Yr 8 HASS in action

Research the process of making a Mummy and then record your findings on a storyboard

  • When you have completed your drawings, colour then in neatly
  • Under each frame write a couple of sentences to describe what you have drawn
  • You can begin your research using the three documents below.  You can also find lots of interesting information on the internet


What did the Ancient Egyptians use this tool above for?  

Let me give you a clue – it’s a procedure called Excerebration.  

Be prepared its disgusting!

The Ancient Egyptians had complicated beliefs about life after death.  They believed that your Soul (Ka) travelled to the world of the dead (Duat) at night but returned to its old body in the day time.  To return to the correct body your Ka had to recognise it.  This belief led the Ancient Egyptians to  create the process of Mummification – preserving the body as it looked in life.

  • The process of making a mummy was difficult and time consuming but very important to the Ancient Egyptians.
  • They believed that if their soul could not find their body they would be lost for all eternity.
  • At first bodies were simply dried out in the hot sands of the desert where they were buried.  Over thousands of years they perfected making mummies, removing most of their organs, drying them out and wrapping them in bandages

Burial traditions

Mummification in Picture