PBL Hackathon

Yr 9 PBL Project

Why is DESIGN important?

  1. Identify the customers desired outcomes and experiences to create a How Might We…? challenge question.
  2. Ideation: Being creatively courageous and quickly creating lots of ways to answer your teams How Might We…? challenge question.
  3. Solution Concepts Development: Developing and discussing detailed solution concepts until you have a potential solution that your team will turn into a solution prototype.
  4. Prototype Development: Designing and building a physical or digital prototype of your teams solution to include as part of your pitch.

Team Work

Working in teams with different roles the real heat of Problem Based Learning and a process was to the fore. The work rooms became creative design spaces as the students took over their work environments.

DAY 2 - Special Guest

Mr David Robert Michael MLA, State Government Whip and State Member for Balcatta, visited the College to hear some of the issues facing the local community and how out students are proposing to address them David Michael


Plan Day 2

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