iPad Introduction

Parent and Student Resources

iPad 101

When I arrive at school and go to class:

  1. Before coming to school your iPad should be 100% charged
  2. Check your WIFI is connected when you arrive at school
  3. Check you eMails
  4. Open SEQTA Learn and Teams - ready for class [leave them open all day]

Getting organised is as easy as saying Hannah B

  1. Grouping Apps in Folders
  2. Change the background [must be appropriate]
  3. Airdrop - the easiest way to share files

eMail Task

Please open Microsoft Outlook and e-Mail your teacher for today's lesson and thank them for giving up their valuable elecvtive time so we can all get to a competent level on our iPads.

It may pay to look up your Teachers e-Mail address first


Time for you to Explore

Open the icon Box of Books and Login to see your digital school books.

  1. If you have NO books you stop now and give your name to Mr Wiles.
  2. Have you downloaded your Digital Books?
  3. Have you downloaded the Reader?
  4. THINK: Open the Notes App on your iPad and write a brief description of the benefits of using the reader?

Activity One SEQTA

Open up SEQTA Learn

In today's session we want you to be able to do the following four tasks.

  1. Read the Daily Notices
  2. Set DOCUMENTS specifically for you as a new Year 7 student.
  3. Personalise your Timetable
  4. When is your first assessment due?

Internet - Access the Web

While you are at Servite College you will need to be authorised to browse the internet

  1. Open a web browser and search for the web page of your past primary school
  2. In a new Tab open the Servite College Web Page
  3. Show the person next to you one of your favourite web pages
  4. What appears when you open this web page? 

When you are at school every web page you visit is recorded.

Servite Calendar


  1. On what day is the Holy Founders Mass celebrated?
  2. Who does Servite play in Round 1 of Year 7 NAS Sport?
  3. On what day in March does the College have an open day?
  4. When does Term 2 start and finish?

We can change the calendar format to view in different formats. Experiment with Calendar icons shown above and pick the one that best suits you.

Turn Off your AirDrop