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Welcome to Servite

IPad introduction

First Set of IPads skills will be here in SEQTA. You can access these by using the website on your iPad.

The rest of the Skills you will access via Microsoft Teams

The first 5 Skills you will need to complete and demonstrate are:

Submitting Work using Seqta

Access the website and log in or use the web-clip icon on your iPad it looks like a green Q.

Browse to Assessments - Upcoming - and look for the  "Seqta Timetable task" upload the image of your timetable image to. Complete the following tasks and submit the images to the correct place.

Time Table

Access the website and log in
Browse to your timetable
Colour in your timetable 
Take a screen Shot of your timetable
Set the timetable screenshot as your Lock screen image

SEQTA - Notices

Access the website and log in
Browse to the Notices
read the notices and take a scree show of the Notices pages
Submit this image to the correct assessment


Internet - Access the Web

While you are at Servite you need to be autherised to browse the internet
Open a webpage and search for the web page of your past primary shool
Take a screen Shot of your old school webpage.
Set the timetable screenshot as your Lock screen image

Internet - Close all Browser Tabs

While you can have many tabs open you need to close them sometimes.
Watch the video below
Use the tabs button is safari to close all the tabs that are open
Take a screen shot to show how you close all the tabs

Internet - Check Internet Quota

Find the webclip on your iPad called "Quota" and log in of follow This Link Here
How much internet Quota do you have?
go to the 

and type in "Quota" learn how to manage you Quota.

OneDrive - Move Files

Save the Powerpoint file you created earlier into the correct folder and name the file Photography example
Take a screen shot
Submit the screen shot showing the correctly named file in the correct folder to seqta

OneDrive - Folders

Open the OneDrive App on your iPad.
Create a Folder for each Subject you have
Take a screen shot to show how you have created a folder for each Subject.

OneDrive - FIles in Folders

Open the Onedrive app.
Open one of the Subject Folders you have Created.
In this folder Create a New Word file.
Take a screen shot sowing this file in a subject folder
Submit this to Seqta

OneDrive - Rename Files

sometimes you end up with a lot of files called "Document1" or "Document2".
You need to be able to rename files so they have useful names
Create a new document in a folder in OneDrive called "document1"
Take a screen shot showing you renaming the file to "my renamed document"
Take a screen shot and submit this to SEQTA

OneDrive - Scan Document

Use the "Scan" Feature in OneDrive to scan and save a page of your work or a handout to your one drive
Rename the file to "Practice Scan"
Take a screen shot of the file in the right folder with the right name and submit it to seqta

ZuluDesk - Access and install Apps

find the App called Zuludesk
Search through the apps and download the app Ozobot
Take a Screenshot of the Ozobot

Create a Shared Folder for your Group

Open the OneDrive app
Create a folder called "STEM Project" (only 1 person in the group needs to create the folder)
Share this folder with your group members using the School email for your group members. this email will be the one that ends with
Make sure you choose "Allow Edit"
No each person needs to take a screen shot of the folder in their oneDrive. It will be in the "Shared" section for the other members of the group.
Take a screen capture of the folder and who is is shared with and submit this to SEQTA

Create a Shared Powerpoint

Open One drive
Browse to the Group project folder
1 group member create a new powerpoint
Share it with the rest of the group
Each person in the group is o make a profile page in the shared powerpoint this must include a photo of you and a description of your group role

Print a document

Follow these Instructions here on the Ask Servite page - how to Print - Ask Servite

Team up with some people in your class this does not have to be the Science group.
Choose a document
Print the document
Use the onedrive "Scan" feature to scan it 
Share the Scanned document with the group
Upload it to SEQTA

OneDrive - Submit

All the activities up until now you have submitted photos
Most often you work will be documents you create and store in OneDrive
This time you need to submit your practice powerpoint
 This time when you go to the Assessment to submit you will choose "From my Device" then have to navigate to the the correct file in One Drive

Turn Off your AirDrop

Setting up OneDrive on you iPad and Creating Folders.

Opening a PDF from the internet(SEQTA) and saving it to iBooks

Opening Word document from the internet(SEQTA) and opening it in word and saving to OneDrive

Scanning to OneDrive using the iPad

Putting notes on PDF (Scanned or Uploaded) in OneDrive

Setting the Traditional tabbed view in OneNote on the iPad

This makes it look the same as the teacher version.

Entering your Email Password so Email works

Photography Tips

Photo - Poor Lighting

Take a photo of a person or object with the light in the wrong place. e.g. a person standing in front od a bright window
Now move the camera (iPad) or object to get the light in the right place and re shoot the photo
Put your photos next to each other on a single slide of a powerpoint.
Screen capture the slide and and submit it to Seqta

Photo - Poor Background

Take a photo of a person or object with a bad background
Now move the camera (iPad) or object to a good background.
Put your photos next to each other on a single slide of a powerpoint.
Screen capture the slide and and submit it to Seqta

Photo - Good Light and Background

Now take a well lit photo with a clear background of some objects you have (Books, Objects from your pencil case etc) not people.
Make sure the light and shadows are good
Make sure there is nothing distracting in the background
You will use these Skills to take phots of things you do in class eg. experiments in science, cooked items in food.
Submit you best photos to SEQTA