11 VOC English

Resources for Year 11 Vocational English

Who should I interview?


  1. You need to produce a 5 minute documentary video or podcast ona person who you find inspirational - someone you feel has been successful in some aspect of their life.
  2. You will need access to this person for around an hour to record enough material so you can edit out the boring bits.
  3. Think about people that you have met in your life who have some quality that you find admirable or a person who has gone through an experience that challenged them and that they were able to handle in a positive way.
  4. Brainstorm 4-5 people who you know and who might make a good subject fro an interview - someone who hates talking is going to make this process very difficult, so think of people who like to chat openly about their lives.
  5. Narrow your list down to 2 likely interviewees.
  6. Write a letter or email outlining your request and what you would like to ask tour first choice. You can speak to them as well, but having a written document makes your request seem more formal and also gives them something to read over and think about when preparing for the interview.
  7. If you can't gain access to your first choice in the next week, go through the same process with your second choice.
  8. Once you have set up an interview, it's time to write the questions.

Writing an Email or Letter

You need to write a letter or email explaining:

  1. Your task
  2. Your wish to interview the recipient
  3. Why you have chosen them and what the purpose/focus of the interview would be
  4. Examples of the types of questions you might ask
  5. How you will record the person and where you would conduct the interview
  6. Information regarding how to contact you to accept and arrange a suitable time to meet

Your email/letter should follow the standard conventions for this writing form and be written as correctly as possible.

This writing will form part of your grade for this assessment tasks and should be emailed to maree.downing@servite.wa.edu.au when it has been drafted and edited.