7 Oceans and Climate Change

Climate Change


Arguably, there has never been a time in history when knowledge of global environmental change has been greater than it is today. Climate scientists, atmospheric scientists, oceanographers, geochemists, agronomists, and biologists have all researched and published their specialist knowledge and findings about the planet, its atmosphere, oceans, plants and animals as they are today and were in the recent past.

Climate change education is covered under Article 12 of the Paris Agreement, to which Australia is a signatory. Under the Paris Agreement Work Program, countries have agreed to develop extensive education programs about the changing climate. A number have national education programs addressing climate change. Currently, Australia is not one of them.



Servite Way


  • Critical Thinker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Creative and Innovative
  • Communicator and Collaborator


1. Your task is to research how climate change is altering the nature of the ocean, its circulation, temperature, and chemistry.

2. Learn about some of the programs that are active around Australia and internationally, attempting to understand the effects of a changing climate on the ocean.

3. Finally, design and produce a photo-essay to tell the story of the ocean living with climate change - to educate others to understand how climate change is altering the nature of the ocean.

Success Criteria

  • Describe how marine scientists, marine-based industries, marine technology companies, and entrepreneurs are designing smart solutions for the ocean.
  • Investigate how the use of science and technology are now part of the innovations occurring in ocean activities.
  • Re-imagine how you would like the ocean to be and design a product, system, or environment and produce a folio of ideas to explain your entrepreneurial thinking.


Science Understanding

  • Water is an important resource that cycles through the environment (ACSSU222)
  • Some of Earth’s resources are renewable but others are non-renewable (ACSSU116)

Science as a Human Endeavour

  • Scientific knowledge has changed peoples’ understanding of the world and is refined as new evidence becomes available (ACSHE119)
  • Science knowledge can develop through collaboration across the disciplines of science and the contributions of people from a range of cultures (ACSHE223)
  • Solutions to contemporary issues that are found using science and technology, may impact on other areas of society and may involve ethical considerations (ACSHE120)