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As we journey through 2021 together our community grows as one family. Always seeking to welcome others our YEAR of HOSPITALITY will guide our thoughts, words, prayers, and actions as we grow more hospitable hearts.


We begin with a vision of what being hospitable truly means. As Christians we quickly move past a secular understanding, and towards a vision of how, through the value of hospitality, we can bring about Gods Kingdom by building true, Christ centred communities.


Having a hospitable heart means creating space for everyone you encounter to grow and flourish as children of God. Hospitality begins by graciously accepting people and then taking the necessary steps to provide for their needs. Once we are open to others, true hospitality then calls for us to make the necessary space for them to continue to grow throughout their lives.  


As we explore the reality and demands of what this means, we soon come to the realisation of the internal journey we must all take to be open to encounter others, to see, hear and feel their needs and then, respond with charity. With the graces of God and a commitment to our faith we can embrace this challenge, and journey together through our Year of Hospitality. 



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Daily Routine

In the busyness of life it can be easy to put aside simple practices that we know are good for us such as eating healthy and exercising regularly. We know that we need to have a routine to ensure we actively keep these important practices in our lives. Our ongoing faith formation is also another important daily practice. Many people have their own daily routine and we would encourage you to continue this routine during these times. Below is an example of a routine you may want to reflect upon as you consider your ongoing relationship with Jesus.



Try one of the apps above to develop a daily prayer and scripture routine


Explore ways you can bring Christ into the world each day

Try Random Acts of Christ


Use a Daily examen or prayer to finish your day. See the list of resources above to try something new


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Join in the Holy Mass at home 10am

St Kierans


Listen to a Podcast Watch an episode on Shalom World or ETWN 

Join in the Rosary 


Watch a short video on the Church Teachings

what does it mean to believe?


Stations of family of Jesus


Write letters to your extended family members