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Years 7 - 9 students may borrow 3 books and Years 10 - 12 students may borrow 5 books at a time. If you need to borrow extra books, please ask the Library staff. Books are loaned for 2 weeks but can normally be renewed so please see us. When returning books, please be sure to place them into the Returns Chute.

If you need any help in selecting a book or finding information, please ask for help.


Yr 9 PBL Hackathon 2017

Follow the news from Hackathon 2017

At the end of school term year 9 students and teachers at Servite College took part in a 3 day “Problem Based Learning (PBL)” for the Main Street Precinct. Councillor Adam Spagnnolo, MLA David Michael and members of the Main Street Coop present challenges for the students to solve. Students researched, designed and presented a range of solutions to the community stakeholders for on the final day. Solutions included on street parking to allow parklets and places to gather outside, street furniture, opening up Robinson Reserve.