COVID 19 - Staff


Servite College has created this page to assist with the distribution of information relating to the COVID-19 Pandemic to our community. The page will be updated with critical information distributed via the Department of Education and Catholic Education Western Australia, and the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia – who will continue to respond as a collaborative team to advice from the WA Department of Health.


Servite College Updates

A message from Servite College


Dear Parents and Caregivers


In response to the current lockdown, there are some changes to the delivery of teaching and learning programs at the College this week.


  • In-class tests may continue this week.
  • Students who are absent for an in-class test:
    • Can complete the task for feedback at a future date or
    • Can receive an on balance judgement for the task.
  • Rescheduled test:
    • Some courses are rescheduling assessments due to the disruptions.
  • Take home assignments:
    • Where students have been working on assignments, these should still be submitted. Students can submit tasks via SEQTA / OneNote as per class protocols.

Teaching and Learning

  • Classes are continuing as normal this week with content being taught. We have requested teachers place their class activities or notes online via Teams or OneNote, although there is no expectation of classes to do parallel teaching this week. This means content is not packaged as a full remote teaching and learning system.
  • Students should ensure their iPads are updated and they are able to access their class Teams and OneNote in case the situation changes either this term or into next term.


Yours sincerely
Peter Jones
Deputy Principal - Teaching and Learning

Servite College Updates


A message from Servite College

Dear Parents and Caregivers


Premier Mark McGowan has announced that Perth and Peel will enter a circuit-breaker lockdown for a minimum of four days from midnight tonight.

The current Perth lockdown is in place from 12.01am Tuesday 29 June 2021 until 12.01am Saturday 3 July 2021. 

Servite College will remain open and families are asked to note the following updates.


Students and staff should not attend school if unwell. Unwell students and staff should seek medical support as needed, including testing if COVID-19 symptoms are present. In circumstances where children have other medical reasons for recurrent symptoms, a letter from the GP is sufficient to allow return to school without a negative test.


As directed by the Western Australian Government, masks are mandatory for all school staff and secondary students. This applies to classrooms, all teaching areas and libraries, staffrooms, and in outdoor areas on campus. It also includes travelling on public transport to and from school. Families are asked to advise Homeroom Teachers and Heads of Community of any medical exemptions for their child.

Students and staff are encouraged to take responsibility for ensuring they have masks; however, schools will maintain additional supplies to provide emergency provision for those students who do not have them.

All staff members must wear their masks while they are at school. However, when teachers, educators and carers are teaching, interacting with or caring for children, they are permitted to remove their masks as they can interfere with their ability to clearly communicate with students. 

Parents, caregivers and visitors to schools in Perth must wear a mask and adhere to COVID-safe guidelines while they are on a school site.


Please note that restrictions are in place around campus access, with exclusion zones near construction sites.

  • College Reception and Student Reception are located on Cape Street, directional signage is in place.
  • School buses will be available as usual.
  • College gates open at 8.15am and close at 3.45pm. Students are to not remain on campus outside of these times, unless studying in the ARC. The ARC will close at 4.30pm.
  • Parents and caregivers can access the Cape Street College Reception entrance should their child be required to be picked up during school hours. Parents and caregivers are asked to remain in their vehicle and ring through to the College of their arrival.
  • Families may enter the Uniform Shop as directed, while observing physical distancing and hygiene requirements, including masks.


Physical distancing guidelines and hygiene protocols must be observed on campus and I ask that you also have conversations with your child about the importance of these measures. 

Campus cleaning regimes will continue to be completed to the highest possible standards to mitigate risks associated with COVID-19. Hand hygiene supplies on campus are strong.

All Western Australians must continue to practise physical distancing where possible and maintain good personal hygiene at all times.


The Head to Health website offers a central platform for digital mental health resources, including apps, that may assist students and families. This can be accessed here.

Students are invited to reach out via our online platform Servite Concern, any time. Servite Concern is available here.

Families are encouraged to contact their Homeroom Teacher and Head of Community if their child is anxious or particularly worried. 

Thank you again for your resilience and we will continue to update all families with any further changes.

Yours sincerely
Franca Coutts
(Acting) Principal