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Students With Additional Needs

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Breaking Down an Assignment

  1. Is your child often overwhelmed by a school assignment?
  2. Does she have trouble figuring out where, when or how to start?
  3. Does she always wait until the last minute to work on it?

Your child might have executive functioning issues.

For kids with executive functioning issues, figuring out how to tackle a school project can be a challenge. Follow these simple steps to learn how to break down an assignment for your child. Learn how you can divide it into steps, starting with the end date and working backwards. These simple techniques will help you simplify the process and make the entire experience easier and less stressful—for both you and your child.

Learning Support

Use the ‘Pomodoro Method’ to avoid procrastination

This video features a very simple tip that can change the way you look at study sessions! Developing your time management skills can dictate your academic performance and help you manage other extracurricular projects and stress levels!