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Performing Arts Show Case

A huge thank you to Mrs Morgan Navarro and Kris Hailes for their hard work and dedication in working with the students in preparation for the showcase and Ms Melissa Ierace for her support of the Performing Arts. Keep an eye out for further updates on Teams this term regarding information for our much anticipated Musical Production of ‘Annie’! Servite College is all about. .



Production Rehearsals

Production Camp

Rehearsals Continue

by Teah Stanford

Yes! Servite has a Rock Band

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ACDC - Highway to Hell



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Show Stopper

Super Talent


Performing Arts Show Case

The Performers
Rebecca Yovanche
Natasha Patorniti
Natalie Krsticevic
Hannah Alapatt, 
Faith Caballes, 
Mae Cairo, 
Chikondi Daka, 
Makram Elmahdi, 
Jovan Fidanovski,
Aaliyah Gaitan, 
Natasha Gbondo, 
Cecilia George, 
Brendan Graca, 
Briget Italiano, 
Julian Izzo, 
Isabella Terranova,
Gemma Vivona, 
Danielle Sansalone, 
Nadia Mattioli
Alyssa D’Alonzo-Ould
Daniella Passeretto 
Blue Hipolito
Ella Pearson
Reigne Payawan
Shanae Di Pietro 
Codie Deegan-Cosgrave
Joel Petrollino 
Stephan Akroush 
Lucas Naylies-Pereira 
Arianna Buonocore 
Nicolas Giacobino 
Enrico Anza 
Amber Del Grossi 
Ashleigh Palozsa 
Leon Mills 
Claudia Donatelli 
Stefania Berchicci 
Jesse Lazaroo 
Michael Xigas 
Jak Fazari 
Jacob Allberry 
Brandon Graziani 
Isaac Armstrong 
Nicholas Mottolini 
Jasmine Brennan