8 Hopscotch

Year 8 Computer Studies Course 2018


A program is a set of instructions a computer can understand. We refer to these instructions as a sequence.

A rule has two components: an event and commands (or action). 

An event is a trigger that the computer recognizes and causes it to do some action 

In addition to running instructions sequentially, computers are very good at repeating sets of instructions. In computer science we call this a “loop”, or code that repeats. Consider using a loop to repeat the sandwich making process: For the number of sandwiches I need: open the tuna, add mayo, stir, put on bread, put in bag.

Emoji Challenge

The idea of this game is to create an app that will leave a trail of emojis wherever the player touches the iPad.  

Sequence: The order in which instructions are given to the computer

Event: When something happens

Rule: Instructions that tell your computer what to do (the command) and when to do it (the event)

Loop: Code that repeats

Value: A number that can change

Servite Girls can CODE

Extension - make a Megamoji

Drawing Backgrounds - Liza's Tips

In the free version, you can't draw your own backgrounds with the drawing tool or use a photo as a background, but you can code them.

Here are a couple of tips for coding backgrounds:

In the latter, you can change aspects of the trail to change the background.
For example, you can do a skinny green line along the bottom of the screen for grass, then change the position of the drawing character to draw a thicker blue sky line across the top). 

Liza Conrad

Hopscotch - Wallpaper Challenge 1

Hopscotch - Wallpaper Challenge 2

Wallpaper Challenge 3

Can you Create this pattern?

CROSSY ROAD - Events, Sequences, and Loops.

Don't Drop the Phone

Make your own version of this hilarious game! Learn core coding concepts and build familiarity with the Hopscotch editor.