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Shrove Tuesday

by Chitra Justin on 2019-03-05T01:00:00+08:00 | Comments

Today is Shrove Tuesday. It is the last day before Lent for many Christians.
Many Australians make and share pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Selling pancakes to raise money for charity is a popular activity. Some churches, businesses and charities hold Pancake Day events by making fresh pancakes and selling them. Proceeds from these events go towards various causes, such as support for low-income families who are experiencing tough times. 

             Bearing in mind the reason behind this special day let us turn to God in Prayer                                       


God of feasting,
we give you thanks
for the richness of life.
As Jesus turned water
into wine at Cana,
we think of your desire for
all your people to celebrate life.
Bless us as we celebrate the joy
of being your people.
Send your Spirit to us.

As we enter the Season of Lent,
may it, too, be a celebration of life:
of an inward journey of contemplation and wondering,
of learning and exploring.
And in all of this,
may we grow closer to Jesus,
to one another, and to you.
We pray in Jesus' name. Amen.

St Philip - Pray for us

St Juliana - Pray for us

Blessed Thomas - Pray for us

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