8 Signs of the Power of Jesus in the World

How can a young person restore harmony in the world?

How can a young person restore harmony in the world?

Servite Way

  • Critical Thinker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Creative and Innovative
  • Communicator and Collaborator

The Task

​Part A - Evidence and Research Portfolio

  1. Using OneNote, research and collect ideas, notes, information and evidence on ways to restore God’s original harmony with SelfOthers and Creation.
  2. This term Caritas Australia will visit Servite College. It will provide you with some examples on how to restore harmony with creation.
  3. You will also visit the Salvation Army, which will give you the opportunity to collect information on how to restore harmony with others.
  4. These opportunities will help with the collection of evidence for your portfolio.

A Design Framework

Part 2

Choose one of the ideas you have researched and commit to completing that idea. 

For example: After researching how to create harmony in creation you may choose to start a vegetable garden and composting your family waste. While developing this project take photos, video’s and write reflections to add to your Sway

Part 4 - Reflection

Reflect on your final product by answering questions. 


You must include at least FIVE (5)references in APA formatin your Sway Presentation.

Research Skills for Servite Students

Sway Presentations