10 Rising Sea Levels



One of the effects of climate change and the general warming of our atmosphere, oceans and land masses is changes to the ocean/sea levels. The warmer temperatures are accelerating the melting of land based glaciers and ice masses such as those found in Greenland and Antarctica. The melted ice eventually flows into seas and oceans in such quantities it causes sea levels to rise globally.

Future sea level rise is dependent upon future global warming however it is clear that many natural and urban environments are at severe risk of flooding. These issues are compounded by the movement of people from rural areas to cities and the tendency of many cities to be located near coasts.



Sustainability can be defined as the ability to use resources today without compromising the quality or quantity of those resources for future generations to use.

For things to be truly sustainable it is said they must include what are known as the 3 pillars of sustainability (in no particular order)

  1. Economic sustainability

  2. Environmental sustainability

  3. Social sustainability

As can be seen in the diagram for an action to be truly long term sustainable, it must be true to all 3 pillars listed above. Only then is a project truly sustainable.

Servite Way

  • Critical Thinker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Creative and Innovative
  • Communicator and Collaborator


Research one short term strategy and one long term strategy of managing sea level rise that is currently in use in another country.

Write a report where you analyse whether one of the strategies you investigated could be sustainable in an Australian context.


  • Understand some basic concepts around the topic sustainability
  • Analyse data regarding the issues of rising sea levels
  • Describe one short and one long term strategy to manage sea level rise currently being used in a foreign country. (the two strategies can be from different countries)
  • Evaluate one of the strategies you researched above and determine whether this strategy could be economically, environmentally and socially sustainable in Australia.
  • Reference your work using full APA style referencing including in text referencing.