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Technology Success: Apple - Inspire Innovate

The Team


Mr Shane McGurk

Shane has over 30 years of experience in diverse educational contexts nationally and internationally. In recent years, he has worked as a Professional Learning Consultant, bringing a combination of passion, communication skills and expertise in the use of technology to produce exceptional learning outcomes. His team orientation and capacity-building focus works to nurture and engage all stakeholders, delivering real benefits to the most important stakeholders – students.

Apple Inspire Innovation Program

Application Form

We are possibly providing five staff at our College with an opportunity that you will never be given again in your teaching career.

Apple Education have chosen Servite College as the secondary school in Perth they would like to work with in 2020.

Tailored to align with our school priorities, Inspire Innovation is a structured approach to professional learning allowing teachers to develop, question and refine ways of integrating technology into their practice with students using an iPad.

The staff members will have an expert Apple Educator sitting next to them whilst they teach on-line – assisting the staff member with ways to integrate iPads into your current teaching.

Given the current climate and uncertainty, we are presenting a model that can run throughout terms two and three. 

If circumstances change, we will look to adapt as necessary.

  • Term 2 - 3 days of online support 
  • Term 3 - 3 days of online support.

Five lucky  teachers will receive an hour of support and guidance approximately every 3 weeks. The nature of this support will be guided by the needs of staff and will allow for some great exploration around the possibilities of remote learning. 

If you would like to register your interest please complete the application form and the Leadership Team will work through the process in the second week of these holidays.