8 Computer Networks

Year 8

Britannica Encyclopedia

Level 1 Task

Demonstrate an understanding that digital systems have components with basic functions that may connect together to form networks which transmit data.

You are required to make a digital presentation. The presentation must include the following as a minimum.

I  Title - Digital Systems

  • Your name
  • Picture related to digital systems

II  Technology Past and Present

  • A few sentences about how technology has changed over the years. Include some examples of what technology has changes and how it has changed and a couple of photos of old and new technology to compare.

III Hardware, Software & Peripherals.

  • Each diagram should have a title, description, examples and pictures.

IV Networks

  • You will need to make your own network diagram using your own photos. 
  • It will need to be similar to the network diagram example showing the names of the various parts of the network, the pictures and how the parts of the network are connected.

Level 2 Task

  • Construct a network flow diagram for accessing your ICT task at home from the College Server.  
  • Present a short video documentary explaining in your own words the terms and components  you have used in your diagram.

Ira - Network Topologies

Computer Systems

We explore the different parts that make up a computer system, and how they all work together to allow you to do anything from write a novel, analyse the human genome and allow you to watch hours of cat videos on YouTube

Level 3 Task

  • Identify a network topology diagram for accessing your ICT task at home from the College Server.  Write a simple explanation in your your owns words to describe this process. 
  • You can then create the topology map in Minecraft  (or a similar programme) using lanterns redstone and levers