8 Computer Networks

Year 8

Networks Explained

Computer Networks

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Computer networks are at the foundation of Information and Communication Technology. A good understanding of the main elements and functions of computer networks is therefore crucial. This program provides a comprehensive overview of: the world of networks; wireless LANs and mobile devices.

How E-mail works

Servite Switches

Tim's Diagram (Collaboration with Claudio)

Warriors of the Net

An animation explaining the way IP packets flow on the Internet.

Simple demonstration of how a computer connected thru switch works.

Khan Academy

How Internet Works

Simon's Example

A Packet's Tale

How does the Internet really work? This clip lets you ride shotgun with a packet of data—one of trillions involved in the trillions of Internet interactions that happen every second. Look deep beneath the surface of the most basic Internet transaction, and follow the packet as it flows from your fingertips, through circuits, wires, and cables, to a host server, and then back again, all in less than a second.

What makes the internet run reliably?

This video investigates how data is transmitted and secured in wired, wireless and mobile networks, and how the specifications affect performance


Infographic: How Does a Computer Network Work?