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Junior STEM: For Teachers


STEM is an important part of a complete education. The critical thinking skills that students gain from studying STEM will help them adapt to a fast-changing world and make the most of new technologies.


Teaching STEM is learner centred and learner driven, project based and experiential by nature, mixed with purposeful times of explicit instruction. STEM learning creates a dynamic learning environment.


Through STEM learning, students as well as educators develop the skills to become innovators, creators, great communicators, researchers and entrepreneurs.


Servite STEM learning is about educating the community and our associated schools on the importance of STEM skills and ensuring that all Western Australians are well-placed to take up new and emerging jobs in the future.

Parents are one of the most important influences on the subjects their kids choose, and WA Chief Scientist Peter Klinken wants you to Take 2 minutes to talk about STEM. Young people already use technologies in their everyday life - at school, at home and for fun. Try starting with that