7 Destination Unknown

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Inquiry Question:

How is culture defined/shown in your given country through:

  • Customs/traditions
  • Religious beliefs/rituals
  • Values, beliefs and behaviours
  • Events/festivals/holidays
  • Folktales
  • History

Tips to getting Started

Time check: Step 1- 4 should take periods 1 + 2

Step 1: 

To explore this question your team will first need to consider (write your notes in the box below):

  • What do we know about what culture is? 
  • What do we know already about this country?
  • What do we need to know/research to answer this inquiry question?

Step 2: 
Your team now needs to research a range of topics for your destination country. On the following page there are research questions to help focus your exploration. Your answers can be brainstormed and collated on your iPad using apps like ‘Popplet Lite’ or ‘SimpleMind+ Mind Mapping’ (links below):

Popplet Lite by Notion

SimpleMind + Mind Mapping 

Step 3: 
Your team should now choose how you will present your findings to the inquiry question. Consider/discuss in your team:

  • What will your final product/presentation look like? 

inquiry question. Consider/discuss in your team:

  • What will your final product/presentation look like? 

As your Captains (teachers) would have explained, the findings to your research can be communicated in a variety of ways/mediums but it can also reflect the country you are exploring e.g. Exploration of Indonesia could be presented through a Balinese Dance telling a traditional folk story. It must include some form of presentation aspect. Your team will also be asked to summarise your findings to the inquiry question.    

The options are:

  • A live performance (e.g. role play, dance, puppet show, song/rap)
  • A digital presentation (e.g. a movie, a video travel blog, a documentary, a news report etc.)
  • An oral presentation (e.g. a speech at a travel expo with an accompanying visual aid) 

Discuss each of the options within your team and read the requirements/criteria for each of these options on the following pages, prior to making your final decision.

There are some supplies you can use when creating your presentation. Please ask your Captain if you require these. 

Step 4: 
Now that your team have selected how your team’s final product will be presented you will need to finalise any additional research that you will need to know in order to answer your inquiry question. 

Step 5

Time check: Step 5 should take periods 3 + 4
With your research now complete it is time to work towards your final product. This will mean different things to each team. 

It may mean that some teams are: 

  • Scripting
  • Constructing
  • Creating
  • Rehearsing

During this time please refer to the requirements/criteria for your final product and speak to your Captains (teachers) if you need assistance. 

Step 6

Time check: Step 6 should take periods 5 + 6

Final rehearsal and then a presentation of the final products. These will be presented in your ‘boarding gate’ with your group and original Captains present. A small prize will be available to the team who has been deemed the winner of that gate.

Servite Way

  • Critical Thinker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Creative and Innovative
  • Communicator and Collaborator