7 Destination Unknown

Get Researching Prior to Take Off

 (Delegate these amongst your team members & then collaborate):

  1. Where is your destination country located in the world? E.g. what Continent, which Hemisphere etc.

  2. What is the main local language of your destination country?

  3. Are there local dialects that different regions speak around your destination country? 

  4. What is the population of your destination country?

  5. What is the climate of your destination country?

  6. What is the most common religion for your destination country?

  7. What does the everyday life look like for a person living in your destination country? Children & adults, workers and non-workers etc.

  8. What is the education/schooling system like in your destination country? 

  9. Are there any key events in history that are related to your destination country?

  10. Are there any key customs or traditions that are associated to your destination country? E.g. for Italian culture a tradition is making homemade tomato pasta sauce.

  11. Are there any key folk tales/stories that are passed on in tradition from your destination country? E.g. for Italian culture it is the folk story of Befana, the old ‘witch’ who delivers gifts and treats to good children on the night of January 5th. 

  12. Why would someone travel to your destination country? What attracts people to visit this country as a tourist?

  13. When is the best time of year to visit your destination country and why?

  14. How can visitors to your destination country become part of the country’s culture and traditions?

  15. What accommodation is available? Consider traditional accommodations, all the way through to luxury accommodation. 

  16.  What is the traditional cuisine of your destination country? 

  17. What different forms of entertainment does your destination country offer? Visual and Performing Arts, acting, singing, dancing, painting etc. 

  18. Are there any major festivals or cultural events that happen throughout the year in your destination country? When do they occur and what are they about?

Consider if there any other topics that you need to research in order to successfully explore the inquiry question, for example the additional questions you wrote in your initial notes.    


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