PBL Hackathon

Yr 9 PBL Project


  1. Prototype Completion / Pitch Development
  2. One Page Business Plan
  3. Pitching your team’s solution to the panel of judges
    • To show that your team really understands the customer, their challenge and their world, and are able to describe a solution so well that the person listening wants to hear more.

The Goal for the Day

Our goal was for each team to showcase what they had learned about their customer and their challenge and how the team developed a possible solution that they believed the customer would like.

At the end of the day our aim was to bring together all the work from the previous 2 days into a compelling pitch that showed the discovery and design story and demonstrated a potential solution to their challenge.

Day 3 Special Visitor

Lauren Resnick, Activation Officer of the City of Stirling, was on site day 3 assisting students with their delivery and pitches. Lauren spoke to the team about her role on the Council and commended the students for participating in and unpacking solutions to the problems that she faces every day in her work.

Lauren has a clear vision for Stirling and in a recent interview in the Stirling Times, she clearly outlines some strong vision to help rectify issues in the area.

From the May edition of the Stirling Times, Stirling activation officer Lauren Resnick said the concept of place activation was about getting people to “linger for longer” in an area. Place activation is all about enriching and enlivening a community area, it’s about getting people to linger for longer, spending more time on footpaths, outside businesses, having events and generally engaging in the community and making it more liveable and vibrant, she said. The City has pledged to work with community group Main Street Co-op to improve the street and get more residents and business owners involved in the process.

Lauren catches up with Communications Team members Brianna and Arianne in time for a short interview. 


The Judges

Our customers returned at the end of Day 3 to judge the 8 pitches selected by the staff and students as worthy representatives of the Yr 9 cohort.

The judges criteria appear below and a selection of student pitches feature on our video links on this page – take time to check the students ideas.

Plan Day 3

Photo Gallery

Videos of the Day

After 3 days of intense design thinking, the Servite Community have been encouraged by all of the student’s efforts. There is a collection of videos from the day on the Servite Curious channel.