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Servite OnLine Learning: Student FAQ

What will my school day look like?

  • Wake up and get dressed in your sports/priory uniform, ready for school.
  • Be organised and ready for learning.
  • Find a quiet space to setup your device, preferably in an open area of the house, not in your bedroom. If you think noise will be an issue, make sure you have a set of headphones.
  • Log into SEQTA Learn and look at your timetabled Sessions 1 to 4 for the day and make a note of the bell times. Sessions 1 to 4 will be your online schedule for that day.
  • At 8.45m, log on to your first class through Microsoft Teams. Your teacher may have asked you to join a meeting or they may simply post that they are present and ready to teach.
  • At 9.00am join your Session 1 Team in Microsoft Teams. Your teacher may have asked you to join a meeting or they may simply post that they are present and ready to teach. 
  • We will be taking attendance so please join on time and reply to your teachers post that you are ready to learn, eg “Here”, “Good Morning” or an emoji.
  • Your teacher will then direct you to the learning material for the day or deliver a short online presentation that you will need to watch. This information will help you to complete the activities for that lesson and your independent working time in Sessions 5 and 6.
  • Your teacher may request a video/audio chat to check in on your progress, likewise, you may also request a video/audio chat if you are experiencing difficulties.
  • You will remain online for the period and complete the set work. 
  • Repeat this process for all timetabled Sessions 1 through to 4.
  • Sessions 5 and 6 will be your opportunity to complete the set work as an Independent Learner. Teachers will be online to help if needed.
  • Remember to use the scheduled breaks and the time between sessions to get up and move around. 
  • Finish the day by joining your homeroom.

When learning from home, will I be expected to do as much learning at home as I would at school? 

  • Yes, you will. Although you may have fewer timetabled classes (Sessions 1-4), your teachers will set work for you to complete independently in Sessions 5 and 6. You still need to complete course work in each subject. 

Will I be required to be online all day? 

  • No, you will only be required online in Teams for your timetabled classes from Sessions 1-4, Homerooms and Priory periods.
  • You may choose to be online during Independent Learning Time to connect with teachers and other students. 

What happens if I don’t open Teams for my timetabled class and respond? 

  • You will be marked absent from class, just as you would at school and your parents will be notified of your absence.   

Why do I need to be in my sports uniform? 

  • School is operating online and therefore the College expects you to dress appropriately.  

What if I have technical issues and the school is closed? 

Please contact the ICT Support Team

Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm

Phone: 9208 0970

How will I receive handouts of work? 

  • All work will be distributed electronically and your teacher will direct you to resources via Teams. If you like to print, then please ensure you have supplies at home. Highlighters, pens, notebooks, print paper, print cartridges may need to be stocked.  

What about my class assessments?

  • Your classroom teachers are reviewing your assessment schedules and will keep you up to date with any assessment changes or requirements.

What do I do during Session 5 and Session 6 for those classes when my teacher is not online? 

  • Teachers will have provided enough work for you to complete in all classes and this will be on Teams/SEQTA with instructions. If you are unsure what to do, then contact your teacher.  

Am I required to be online in my Teams in Session 5 and 6? 

  • No, this is self-directed independent learning time to work through set task and activities.

What if I have a private study period during Sessions 1-4? 

  • This will be self-directed study time as usual and attendance will not be taken. 

What if my teacher doesn’t turn up to class? 

  • In most cases the class will have another Servite teacher covering the class and guiding your learning. Please email Director of College, Mr Power if a teacher does not turn up.

What if a ‘friend’ of mine misbehaves online? 

  • Then you should tell your friend it is not appropriate and report the issue to your teacher, Homeroom teacher or Head of Community by email.
  • You may also want to report the issue using Servite Concern.
  • The College's student behaviour expectations continue to apply to all students, regardless of their learning location.

What should I do if I am sick or miss a class? 

  • Please have a parent/guardian let the school know via the usual methods. We will mark you absent and not expect you in class. 
  • Email 
  • Phone (08) 9208 0999 

What if I experience any online bullying whilst at home? 

  • If this is happening during class time, then please notify the teacher via email. If this is happening out of class, then please contact your Head of Community.
  • You may also want to report the issue using Servite Concern.

Your teachers have all been briefed on the protocol, however, it is also important for you to understand what is expected of you. 

Last Updated 25/03/2020