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Servite OnLine Learning: Parent FAQ


Will my child still be expected to complete schoolwork while they are at home?

Yes, your child will still be expected to complete the required curriculum. The curriculum may be modified, in some cases, to better support the online learning environment. For example, practical subjects will be different to on-campus learning experiences. Course requirements will be posted on SEQTA and students will complete daily and weekly programs.


How will my child get access to their schoolwork and how will they know what is required?

Your child will access all work through Teams and in the weekly view in SEQTA. Resources, videos, links and an outline of set work will all be found in Teams. Students will be expected to start Sessions 1-4 by logging onto Teams. 


What happens during Sessions 1-4?

Following the pattern of a regular 'at school' timetable at home does not support the best learning outcomes for students. Sessions 1-4 of the remote learning timetable incorporate explicit online teaching and connection to teachers and other students in the class. During these sessions, students will be directed by the teacher through the activities and resources designed to deliver the learning intentions for that timetabled subject.


What happens during Sessions 5-6?

Sessions 5-6 are Independent Learning Time (ILT). During this time, students will work through key tasks and research activities for the week and post questions to their teachers for support and feedback. Students will also be able to connect with other students to work collaboratively on set tasks.

Having ILT available each day supports a project-based focus which promotes growth in critical thinking, creativity and communication skills. It also builds self-regulation, resilience and mindfulness in our students. Students will develop their metacognition and skills in managing their own learning. This time also provides an important break away from the screen and provides space for students to get up and move.

During ILT, teachers will be preparing online resources for future lessons, providing feedback for students, collaborating with their colleagues and contacting parents where they have concerns.


Will teachers be available to answer questions?

Yes, during your child’s timetabled session they will be able to seek assistance from the teacher. At the conclusion of the session, further questions should be emailed to the teacher or posted on Teams. These questions may not be answered immediately, as the teacher might address them in future lessons, video solutions or a post to all students.


How will my child contact their teachers for help?

Via online chat on Teams or via email. Students will need to be patient; they may not receive an immediate answer.


Will my child still need to complete assessments and tests during school closure?

Teachers are adjusting the type and variety of assessments to better suit the online environment. The aim is to ensure the assessments provided are fair to all students. No student will be disadvantaged by a missed assessment due to circumstances. We are waiting for SCSA to provide further information regarding senior school assessments. 


If my child is sick will they need to complete the set schoolwork?

Just like any absence from school, while students are unwell they should rest and only complete the work they feel they can. On their return to online classes they will need to do their best to catch up. In the case of Year 11 and 12, this would become a higher priority since the final exams test an entire year’s work.


What should I do if I don’t have internet access at home or my personal circumstances make it hard to do what is expected?

Please contact Mrs Monica Maxwell, (Acting) Deputy of Teaching and Learning, who will advise you based on your particular circumstances.


What happens if we have technical issues?

Please contact the IT Support Team Monday - Friday 7.30am - 4.00pm

Phone: 9208 0970


Can my child video call their teachers?

Yes, they will have the ability to conference call their teacher through Teams within a class "channel". This will either occur as a whole class or small group additional support. Students can organize to arrange individual support through a classroom channel where the conversations will be monitored. Students are reminded to maintain appropriate manners and etiquette when online. 


Can my child arrange to come in and see their teacher at school?

No. Students may use conference calls on Teams to receive support from teachers.


Will my child, or will I, be able to phone the teachers?

Please email your childs’ teacher if you wish to speak to them and they will call you. Parents and caregivers may call teachers using their direct phone numbers. Students will not be able to call teachers directly, instead they will connect through Teams. 


How will the school know my child has been doing their work?

At various times during the week, students will be expected to upload their completed work for teachers to review. If your child has not completed work to the required standard, the teacher will be in contact.


When you say 'virtual classroom', what does that mean?

When we talk about a 'virtual classroom', we are referring to the online learning that will occur through Teams. Participants in each virtual classroom will be the same students that are currently in each of your child's classes.


What resources do I need to make sure my child can learn at home?

This entirely depends on how your child likes to work. They may use paper workbooks and printed versions of resources, or they may prefer to work on an iPad or laptop. Please check with your child that they have the resources they need.


What happens if my child's teacher gets sick?

The teacher will set work as per usual and another member of staff will manage this class remotely. Your child will still need to turn up online to every class regardless.


How will my child know how to behave online and what will happen if they do not act appropriately?

Online safety is a high priority. Your child needs to behave as they would at school. Online bullying and class disruptions are not tolerated. In the event that your child has not followed classroom protocol they will be removed from Teams and you will be notified.

Teachers have been provided with an outline of managing online behaviour and setting class expectations. If your child is concerned about anything occurring online, please ask them to contact the teacher directly via email, or use Servite Concern.


Will the school be taking attendance?

Yes, your child's attendance will be taken through Teams. At the beginning of Sessions 1-4, students will need to log on to their timetabled class in Teams and register that they are present and ready to learn. This will be transferred to SEQTA so that our Administrative Officer - Student Reception, Mrs De Domenico, can follow up on absentees. Students are required to do the same for Homeroom at the start and end of each day.


Who do I notify if my child gets sick?

Please notify the school as the usual protocol. If students are recorded as absent, they will not be expected online.
Phone: 9208 0999 (24 Hours)
SMS only, no calls: 0477 700 714


Will I be contacted if my child is not online for their scheduled class?

Yes, you will be contacted by the College if your child is not online for their scheduled class. Students are required to attend all scheduled lessons. 


Will my child need to be in school uniform even when they are at home? Why?

Yes, students are asked to be in Sports or Priory uniform to place them in the right mindset for learning. Conference calls on Teams will be a regular part of many lessons and students are required to dress appropriately. 


What if I have any academic or pastoral concerns about my child?

If you have any issues or concerns, please email or phone your child's Subject Teacher, Homeroom Teacher, Head of Learning, Head of Community, or the College Counsellor.


How long should my child be expected to sit in front of computer/iPad during the day?

We understand that being online for extended periods of time is unhealthy. Therefore, we encourage your child to only be online during Sessions 1-4. We encourage students to use the planned breaks in the timetable to get up and move around. We recommend that your child limits screen time in the afternoon.


How will my child be supported pastorally?

The pastoral support of our students continues while they are off campus. Our policies and practices will continue to focus on the whole student, including personal, spiritual, social and emotional dimensions.

Homeroom Teachers, Heads of Community and the College Counsellor will provide ongoing pastoral care. Teachers will continue to implement our Community curriculum, providing students with rich resources and personalised learning that creates a strong foundation for student wellbeing. 

Our Servite Concern platform is available for all students to register concerns, anywhere, anytime. 


What happens during the scheduled Pastoral Care sessions on Wednesday and Friday afternoons?

During scheduled Pastoral Care sessions, students will participate in wellness activities, collaborate with  To achieve our Community vision values building relationships, a sense of belonging and connecting, 


What happens during Homeroom?

Homeroom provides daily prayer and pastoral check in opportunities for students and Homeroom Teachers. Attendance is recorded during each Homeroom session.


Can my child learn online at school?

Premier Mark McGowan and Catholic Education Western Australia have advised parents with children in all WA schools to keep their children at home if at all possible. 

From Monday 30 March to Thursday 9 April, students who cannot remain at home may learn online at Servite College, where they will be supervised.   

The College will open at 8.15am and students will need to depart the campus by 3.45pm. The Servite College Horizons West bus routes will not be operating.

Students must adhere to COVID-19 health and safety protocols while on campus.

Students are to:

  • Wear Sports/Priory uniform
  • On arrival, go immediately to the Alexis Building where they will be assigned a classroom
  • Have limited access to the College Cafe and campus facilities


Can my child come to school to empty their locker?

Yes, they may enter the College but must leave immediately once they have their learning materials.

Last Updated 25/03/2020