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Context in Jasper Jones

CONTEXT IN JASPER JONES. (2013). Mrs Flannery's Year 12 English Class. Retrieved 24 July 2016, from https://lynnflannery  .wordpress.com/2013/04/09/  context-in-jasper-jones/

In the short video of Craig Silvey discussing his novel, he told us that the character of Jasper Jones came to him one night and once he had worked out his character, his era, where he was from and so on, he then referenced (in his mind) some of the books he read when he was young.  He named TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD and THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN amongst them.  He also said he loved to read other gothic fiction (gothic fiction refers to novels that tend to mix horror with romance) particularly those set in America where it was hot and there was pressure.  He said they reminded him of Australian conditions and he was drawn to them. This puts into context where some of  Silvey’s ideas came from for the novel. He has been influenced by these texts.