8 Mythology

Yr 8 HASS in action

A complete Coat of Arms has many elements including a crest, coronet, helmet, mantling, shield, supporter, scroll and motto. I have given you and example below -

For today you will be focusing only on the shield (escutcheon) and you will create a design that represents you personally.  Try and include items that represent you as a person and your interests and talents. For example you could include sport items such as a basketball or tennis racquet; a pair of dance shoes, paintbrushes if you love art or a book if you love reading.

You may divide your shield in four (like the picture above) or in half on a diagonal.  Use bright colours – red, blue, green, black, purple with touches of gold or silver – to colour in your images.  

Once you have finished, label your design so that you explain why you have chosen the images and what they represent about you.

If you have time you might like to create a motto to go with your new Coat of Arms.

Be creative!

How to Trace your Coat of Arms