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2021 Anywhere Anytime Learning: A Teacher's Day


Servite College ‚ÄčTeaching and Learning

  1. All teachers are required to complete student attendance records in SEQTA at the start of every lesson.
  2. All teachers are required to place class work in SEQTA, Teams and OneNote, as per College policy, for each class.
  3. SEQTA is for lessons and project explicit instructions and resources for the day/week.
  4. ‚ÄčOneNote is for inserting evidence for teacher to check and provide feedback via audio or text.
  5. Teams is for communication via video/message chat and remote check-ins/attendance.

Staff Expectations




Virtual Classroom Rules

Recording on a Windows Device

Good inbuilt app on all Windows 10 devices Xbox Game Bar

  1. Pretty straight forward. Quick launch with win+G
  2. Press record
  3. Press stop
  4. MP4 file is stored in your videos folder

Loom - Sharing Videos

Useful Tools

Engaging Students

As an effective and engaging  teacher your lesson could include:

  • a live or pre-recorded video message to start the lesson
  • clear written instruction for the lesson intention (using OneNote, SEQTA and/or Teams)
  • a 15 minute (maximum) instruction
  • added interactive enhancements such as a Form, Quizlet and/or Kahoot, etc.

Once instructional component of the lesson is completed the teacher engages with students to check for understanding.

Tips for Maintaining Interaction

  • Read their contributions to the chat out loud and use students’ names
  • Use of video so the face to face feel of teaching is maintained
  • Call on students, don’t wait for them to ask questions. They can respond using microphones or chat. Keep track of who has spoken and who hasn’t, as you would in a real classroom.
  • Don’t lose time whole class time on individual technical issues.  eg. if a student’s mic is not responding, ask them to use chat instead, and then check in with them after class. or call on another student.
  • Use Forms or Polls as formative assessment tools during the lesson.  Call on students by name whose submission you are still waiting for.

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Suggested Online Lesson Structure