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2021 Anywhere Anytime Learning: Video Distribution



Microsoft Distribution Portals

  • Your STREAM account is linked to your personal CEWA account.
  • Teacher control/s who has access to video/s
  • You can Trim your video in Stream
  • You can add your Stream Channels to your Teams
  • Stream Structure: If you think of a Group as a folder of videos for your class, then Channels are the subfolders within the Group. Channels are used to organize videos about the same topic. All members of your Team will have access to the channels and videos in that Group. Channels created in Teams do not create channels in Stream
  • Selecting "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" includes all students and CEWA staff. We recommend using groups, channels and/or specific people instead to manage permissions.
  • Only teachers can upload the content at this stage.
  • You cannot take videos from other video platforms and upload them to Stream
  • Video link can be embedded into Lib Guides

  • Your One-Drive account is linked to your personal CEWA account.
  • Good to use if you wish to share with a small group of students.
  • Students can share large files from their one-drive with teachers.
  • You can share your video files from specific people including those outside the CEWA community.

Uploading Video from iPad or Apple Mac


IOS - YouTube