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2021 Anywhere Anytime Learning: Student iPad Video Submissions


Video Submissions

When students create a video on an iPad for assessment purposes there should be no issues when submitting this to your teacher.

A raw 2 minute video captured initially using your iPad camera.

File Size = 218Mb

Make sure you have access to the following Apps on your iPad.


  • Edit the video in iMovie​
  • Export your movie back to the camera roll at HD 720p
  • At this stage you could upload your video to YouTube 

File Size = 38.3Mb (16% of original size)

If you are using SEQTA, STREAM, TEAMS or OneDrive for your video submission, it is strongly recommended that you use the Compress App to reduce file size before submitting.

File Size = 76Mb (49% of original size)


Videos to Assist in each Submission Type

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