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2021 Anywhere Anytime Learning: Video Library


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Reducing Video File Size on MacOS using Handbrake

This video walks the student through the process of reducing the video files size ready for upload to Microsoft Steam

OneNote - Creating a link to your OneNote for Parents

How to create a link for parents to view into content library

Microsoft Forms - Reviewing, marking and sharing quiz results

Scenario: Teacher gives feedback on student's assessment results.

Microsoft Forms - Setting Test Time in Forms

Scenario: Setting a formative or summative test for a set length of time.

Microsoft Forms - Create a Formative Assessment

Scenario: Teacher want to create a formative assessment to gauge students' prior knowledge and their current feelings about the topic.

Uploading Video from iPad to Stream

This video show how students and staff take a video from the iPad and upload it into Stream before submitting or sending to students. 

Uploading Video from iPad to Stream through Explain everything

This video will show teachers how to take their explain everything videos into Stream before sending to students. 

Reducing Video Size on iPad using iMovie

This video walks through the process of reducing a video size using iMovie for upload to Stream.

WISP Submission of a Stream URL Link (student)

This video walks through the process of sharing the Stream URL link that you created with your teacher through SEQTA’s online submission platform called a WIS

Combine pictures into one PDF - Laptop

Scenario: Students to use preview to create 1 PDF from multiple pictures to have only 1 file uploaded into Seqta.

Installation of Adobe Creative Cloud Products on MacOS

This video will walk through the process of accessing all of the products we have available through our school subscription 

Reduce File Size - Microsoft Office Documents

This video shows how to reduce file size by compressing images in any of your Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents. 


Optimising PDF File Size Using Adobe Acrobat

If you have a large file size PDF and you are sending to a student then using this process to reduce the overall size 

Muting a member of a team or the whole team - Laptop or iPad

Students keep posting in the Team or acting inappropriately so you want to take back control and mute all interactions in the team.


This ergonomics video includes useful exercises for when working online for extended periods. Don't forget to take regular breaks and stretch. 

Creating a link to your OneNote for Parents - Laptop or iPad

Scenario: I am required to provide a link on my cover page to my OneNote I am using for parents to see.

* This will not work for a notebook created via Teams.

Uploading a video to stream and setting permissions - Laptop or iPad

Staff member has a video file they want to send to students to watch they must upload it to stream and then decide on how they want to limit its viewing.