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2021 Anywhere Anytime Learning: Video Compression



Pre-recorded videos are useful for explicit teaching.

A good video follows these conventions:

  • Do not embed videos in Class OneNotes. 
  • Videos should be distributed via a link to the appropriate storage portal.
  • No video that is a straight instruction on how to do something should be longer than a song (3 minutes)
  • Videos can of course be longer, however, they must combine various multimedia assets, such as images, video, audio, to make them engaging for students. 
  • Apps available for creating videos include QuickTime, iMovie and MS Teams. 
  • Given the constraints of the  internet (especially for some of our students when working at home) it is essential to compress videos before sharing or uploading.
  • Video compression can be done using Handbrake.
  • When loading videos to YouTube they are automatically compressed.
  • Stream does not compress video.

How to Compress Videos

Handbrake is an open source package that has all the tools necessary to easily convert video into formats that can be played on MacOS, Windows and iOS platforms. 

It is free, powerful and safe to use on your school or home computer.


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All Learning Areas have a Student Resources folder.

This folder is definitely not appropriate for sharing large video files

The example here shows the Science Share Point Area [Yr 12 Physics]

The video files are all above 200MB:-


  • Compress your video using Handbrake on your computer

  • There are several Apps available on iPads that achieve similar results

  • After compressing your video file you have two options

  1. Use your personal Stream Channel

  2. Use your Learning Area You Tube Channel






The examples on the left are just to help us with the idea of why to compress.

These are 4 totally different types of videos in Sharepoint that are all created for different purposes to share with students.

If we use the Handbrake Application in most cases we can greatly reduce the File Size.

The blue diagram above shows the reductions as percentages when you record 2 minutes [The Garden Video] on an iPad and upload it for students to view.